I worked together with French sound artist Jean-Léon Pallandre in years 2013-2014 in France and in Finland in a project Coincidences. The collaboration consisted of altogether three residency periods in both countries and a series of four performances. During the residencies we met local people living in the villages and followed their everyday activities. In those meetings Jean-Léon was recording the sounds of the activities and I was collecting actions, gestures and movements. In the performances we brought the materials together ad examined the different works and activities that the rural life consists of nowadays.

The residencies and performances were organized by La Chambre d’eau and Les Scènes obliques in France and the Asemanseutu village association in Finland.


The Festival Eclectic Campagne(s), Le Favril, France 2014. Juko Factory, Mynämäki 2013. L’Arpenteur festival, Les Adrets, France 2013. Bivouac, L’Arpenteur festival, Les Adrets, France 2013