Dark Energy Kitchen

Dark Energy Kitchen is an experimental kitchen together with cosmologist Kaisa Henttunen. Here different dark energy recipes are cooked. Dark energy makes the space expand acceleratedly. The study of cosmology aims at revealing the true nature of dark energy, but what dark energy really is, is not yet known. In their kitchen Kela and Henttunen open up some complex cosmological dark energy models. What could a Scalar Smoothie taste? Or a Bimetric Noodle Soup? How about having Curvature Coffee for dessert?

A model that well describes the cosmological observations has 70 % dark energy of all the matter and energy in the Universe. That’s a lot! Still we don’t know what it really is. Comparing to earthly matters it could mean that we didn’t know what water is. It covers 70 % of the surface of the Earth and the same portion of water is found in a human body. Dark energy is a mystery. Dark Energy Kitchen –performance leads the audience from ordinary, human sized matters towards one of the biggest puzzle in the Universe. What is left, if all the matter around us is taken away?


Tähtitieteellinen maailmankuva –luentosarja, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland 2016. Mad House, Helsinki, Finland 2015. Aboagora Symposium, Turku, Finland 2015.