Wardrobe Revelations

I open my wardrobe in order to take a closer look at my past, current and future selves. My wardrobe is at the same time an archive of memories and a vision for possible futures. From my wardrobe I can find a pile of unfitting pants, dresses of her deceased grandmother, socks without pairs, T-shirts I have never been wearing and pieces of clothing that I have never seen before. My wardrobe bursts of clothes, which could be labelled as unfair trade products. I am baffled how those pieces of clothing even ended up in my wardrobe? Wardrobe Revelations is a performance about clothes as an integral part of identity, consumerism, a need for Marie Kondo and a journey into the darkest corners of messy wardrobes.

Wardrobe Revelations is a second part of a series of performances related to sustainable fashion. The first part Redefining the Meaning was developed in 2013 and it has been performed at The Parsons School of Fashion in New York, London College of Fashion and the Aalto University in Helsinki.

See Locus out of Focus publication

Thanks: Mari Krappala, Heini Aho, Sebastian Ziegler, Timo Rissanen



NoMad House Helsinki, Theaterdiscounter, Berlin 2016.