There Is No Planet B

Video performance (Ask for full length version by emailing

Find a site which is either permanently or remarkably destroyed by human beings and make a flagging ceremony with an emergency blanket to commemorate the biodiversity loss in the area.

Performance sites: a clearcutting site, a peat bog, a quarry and a gravel pit. Video duration 4:25, premiered in June 2020 Performance Crossing festival, Prague, Czech

Performance: Leena Kela, Video and editing: Jussi Virkkumaa, Supporters: AVEK, FRAME and Arts Promotion Centre Finland

The project also includes performances made for camera in various sites where humans have made either permanent or remarkable destruction. Juomasuo is an area in Kuusamo Finland, where several multinational mining companies after one another has has been active in trying to start mining in the location and its surroundings. In the Juomasuo can be found cobalt, gold, but also uranium. There has been active local resistance towards mining in Juomasuo and the fight continues. Performance action in Juomasuo was made in July 2020.