Portrait of Nees-Skalstrup

In this project I collaborated with French sound artist Jean-Léon Pallandre. We were working in the Danish village Nees-Skalstrup in West Jutland. Our working period happened between June and September in 2017.

We created a performance portrait of a Danish village Nees-Skalstrup by meeting with everyone living in the village. We knocked on a door of every house in the village and asked everyone to participate in the collective portrait by giving away one object and one sound that seemed interesting for them. We were interested by very ordinary daily life objects and sounds the inhabitants could find in their homes. The object could be anything that a participant wanted to donate for the collective portrait. The sound also could be anything from home, but it had to be a short sound event, a few seconds sound, maximum one minute.

The portrait of Nees-Skalstrup with objects and sounds was performed in September 2017 as part of Meetings festival.